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Due to the unpredictable progress of the COVID-19 crisis the International Congress for Medicine in Space and Extreme Environments in 2020 has been cancelled. We will keep you updated about the next target dates on this website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Stay safe and healthy
Hanns-Christian Gunga and Oliver Opatz
Center for Space Medicine and Extreme Environments Berlin

Welcome to Berlin

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we are very pleased to invite you to the 7th International Congress of Medicine in Space and Extreme Environments in Berlin, Germany. Starting out as a panel board meeting on space life sciences and technologies with 50 participants from Germany and Russia in 2001, the congress has been increasingly growing, already attracting more than 140 attendees from 22 countries in 2014, and now expecting to attract an even more global audience in 2020.

In line with the Congress’ theme: „In Orbit And In Outer Space“, you will have an excellent opportunity to study the interfaces and interactions between space physiology and technologies and the impact on the clinical setting. The congress will be characterized by an open academic mentality, providing opportunities to share your research with international experts and engage in new collaborations. It will cover topics ranging from space medicine to space analogues such as research in Antarctica, bed rest, dry immersion, isolation, but also diving and high altitude physiology. We are convinced that there will be a lot of exciting issues for everyone addressed in the program.

We hope that the beautiful, century-old Meistersaal, the rich history of Berlin, and the exciting congress program will inspire you and foster the exchange of ideas in this international environment; ideas that will help us understand humans in extreme environments and the applicability of such research not only in space, but also here on Earth.

Download Conference Information (pdf)

Jens Jordan

Jens Jordan
Head of Institute of Aerospace Medicine, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Oleg Orlov

Oleg Orlov
Director of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (IBMP), Russian Academy of Sciences

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!